An Equality Movement is Definitely Underway!

I would like to disclose that I do not personally choose the card of the day based on my personal mood or as part of a strategy. I draw a card just as I would for a client, in peace & harmony with focused intention. When I shuffle the cards I feel as if they are talking to me energetically and I stop when I know I am meant to. Sooooo, now that I have that out of the way I must say that I love how this powerfully feminine card came up to completely counter the masculine energy of AA Michael in “Remember Who You Are” from my last post. Today we see Sekhmet – Be Strong from The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by the lovely and talented Doreen Virtue. They are both telling us to be strong and tap into our powerful being.

As you get in touch with your inner strength and your feminine nature, you can accomplish your life purpose and live a fulfilling and passionate Sekhmetexistence. Just look at her, she is so regal sitting there in her provocative purple gown perched in her throne seat adorned with lions on both arm rests. The key is to see yourself as strong while still being feminine. That means no negative talk – towards others or yourself, no complaining , no blaming or  playing the victim- that means NONE people. Sekmet means business and she is POWERFUL. The more you can focus on abundant thoughts for your career, family, home and love life, the more positive changes you will draw into your life. Remember, you are human and will have a whole gamut of feelings and thoughts, the message here is to guide yourself back to the highest vibrational thoughts you can when you find yourself going to the dark side;)

Sekhmet is an Egyptian sun goddess whose name means “strong & mighty”. She is associated with lions as they symbolize her intensely protective nature.The colours of gold and purple enhance her elegant, royal and loyal qualities. Even her crown is beyond regal, with the flames of the sun (power!), wing span of the bird of prey (power!) and don’t miss the all knowing eye on not only her crown but her necklace and earrings (more power!). This is such a great counter point to all the blues of AA Michael we saw earlier this week, these two are the yin yang of oracle card readings. Let no one walk all over you, and that includes yourself. I often find that people speak to themselves in a way that they would NEVER tolerate from another human being, so please do yourself the biggest favour and turn to loving thoughts as you tap into your personal power.

As we see pillars of our society  collapsing around the globe, this is a perfect time for society to build on feminine traits as key elements in business models. As the baby boomers are retiring and more women are either being promoted into powerful roles or living the entrepreneurial dream, the shift has begun. We can all embrace what makes “women” wonderful & powerful leaders in their lives. And yes, there are many sensitive and wonderful men who are in touch with their feminine qualities and this definitely applies to you too! Run with it!!

If you are feeling a bit down lately, unsure of yourself, dealing with conflict that has you wondering if you are in the wrong, Sekhmet is the perfect goddess to call on for an energy boost of self love, inner strength and girl power.She will help you to achieve your happy outcome!

Light & love, Lisa

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