March 28, 2013 – You Are More Powerful Than You Realize!

Today’s card is from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards, Remember Who You Are, Archangel Michael.

This card reminds us that as we journey down the path of life and connect with our true purpose, we become more in tune with our personal power. Often, we shy away from our magnificence, DON’T!! Be who you are and know that you are loved, always. The name Michael means, “He Who is Like God” and you can call upon him to emanate those qualities of love, power, unwavering faith & courage.

I call upon AA Michael every single day. WhenI get into my car I ask him to protect my vehicle  and lend me courage and strength as I navigate the urban jungle. I call on him at night before sleep to protect my home and enter my dreams and any time I feel I need a little extra awareness of how powerful I really am when I encounter negativity from others. My faith serves me well.

This card is saturated in hues of blue. Loyalty, faith, trust, understanding, softness and integrity are all meanings of this tranquil and inspirational remember_who_you_arecolour. AA Michael stands amongst the stars overseeing our self discovery with the blade of his sword held in his hand symbolizing his restraint and gentleness despite his incredible power. He holds up a sceptre to light our way on our journey of discovery.  He is wearing an orange garment to stimulate our determination with a purple sash telling us to hold our head up high as we truly have a magnificent nature.

This card speaks loudly to me at a time when both of my children are terribly weak and sick and I am in charge of making their world right again. I must stay true to my power, trust my inner wisdom as I make countless decision a day with very little sleep. My faith is a powerful tool that brings me grace and acts as a sanctuary. Remembering who I am and my true nature is a powerful gift indeed.

Also, that is the reason I have been a little quiet on my blog here this week. I promise to make it up once everyone is sleeping and healthy!!

Light & love, Lisa

4 thoughts on “March 28, 2013 – You Are More Powerful Than You Realize!

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  2. Hey Lisa,

    I’m in admiration of a Blog that is infused with so much positive energy. It’s both personal to you and yet applicable to everyone who makes the time to read it through. I like the connectivity in that.

    This post I think offers one a consideration of the power of faith. And not just faith, or even belief and/or hope, but more the motivation that one can find inside to achieve and prevail. Going deeper in to this meaning, I find myself considering such words as Persist, Resist, and Exist.

    And then there is a consideration of the Oracle Card. In itself it is a wonderful illustration, and that’s even before one contemplates its meaning. I enjoy the multi-faceted symbolism contained within the Card, and aided of course by your warming text and explanation surrounding it, the post provides a great framework on which to hang an interpretation of moments in our own lives. We may never ‘see’ such divine guardians at work but having the faith to know that they are there ‘within us’ is a wonderful thing.


    DN – 11/04/14

    1. You write so beautifully. I have worked intentionally at creating a blog of inspiration & positivity; I am so touched by your kind words. Faith makes a solid best friend. Blessings to you Dewin and thank you again for the supportive comments.

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