Speed Dating With Tarot Cards, A Night to Remember

Last night was an incredible night.

I was asked by my good friend and RMT Shannon Halpin, to read cards for donation at her amazing clinic in Port Moody, BC, Cedar Healing Wellness. The night was a Fundraising Gala to celebrate the arts and raise money in memory of Tanya Bailey for the Crossroads Hospice Society. My beloved father ended his days in hospice care only 4 1/2 short years ago. I was so grateful to have this opportunity to give back to a society that does so much good is full of such nurturing and loving workers (who have one of the toughest jobs I might add!). As I walked into the centre last night with a calmness of spirit and an excitement for all the readings ahead of me, little did I know I had a night of speed dating ahead of me! I must have done over 25 readings last night.

I have long had a sneaking suspicion that many many people out there are itching to have their cards done, but they just haven’t found the right circumstances to do so, and last night proved me right! I mean I do understand what a step outside of your comfort zone that can be. As I was preparing for the night I must have heard 3 different discussions, “What if you get the Death card?!?!”. I couldn’t help but giggle.

And of course the most energetically charged lady of them all came in and as it is with the Law of Attraction, guess what landed smack dab in the middle of her spread, none other than The Devil or in my deck’s case, the more appropriately named – The Ego. But what a gift, because in her case this card showed up to tell her she is creating all the fear based thoughts herself and it is not real. It truly is a false sense of entrapment. She can have everything she wants if she can break free from that self defeating pattern. She was so happy and walked out of our reading with a big smile telling everyone to go in for a reading!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The tarot room rocked the night and raised a quarter of the money for the event; now that feels good.

The themes for the night were not surprising. A lot of Major Arcana cards signifying big changes on the horizon and a lot of people struggling with all this change. I can’t believe how many times I saw the Eight of Fire last night! The Hermit came around quite a few times as did The High Priestess, wanting us to know quiet time, reflection, a spiritual practice and our wisdom will get us through this time of what can be overwhelming change.

I was also VERY happy to see the Ace of Fire a few times, being able to green light projects for clients and tell them it is the perfect time to go for it!!

There was a predominance of Fire and really a big lack of Water cards. When the Water cards did show up they were mainly cards of dissatisfaction and wanting new challenges. The cards are telling us to get in touch with our passions, but this does not have much to do with their love lives but rather living a meaningful life and knowing your life purpose.  I saw a lot of feistiness and standing up for your life changes to honour a truer path to life purpose. This is a common thread out there, so please know that you are not alone.

I had a line up down the hall most of the night and I know that some people waited quite a while to come in. It was my intention to do three card readings all night but I kept getting hits for 4,5 and 6 card readings and if I have learned anything in life lately, it is to listen to my inner voice.  I thank you all for your patience & courage.

After over four hours of non-stop readings and hundreds of dollars in donation I can’t help but feel like the lucky one. I met so many amazing people that were so brave, coming in for there very first reading and sharing their personal stories with me and my cards. The whole night felt divinely guided and when the line up was finished and I poked my head out the door all the clean up had been done and the donations were already being tallied up. I couldn’t believe it. A huge success all around. I hope all of my new clients are enjoying their new crystals and feel empowered by the guidance they received.

I am pleased to announce that after last night and the amazing feedback I received, I will be launching my new page on Tarot Parties. You can host an afternoon tea or an evening of fun with friends & family and get your reading on the house! I promise to have that information up VERY soon.

Just a few days ago I received a call from the one and only Radleigh Valentine, co-creator of my beloved Angel Tarot Cards inviting me to take one of the highly coveted volunteer spots at their training course at the Vancouver Convention Centre on April 22! When you are open for signs to see if you are the right path, you will find them. I feel in the depths of my soul that I am.

Light and love! Lisa

2 thoughts on “Speed Dating With Tarot Cards, A Night to Remember

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I left a comment last night but I don’t think it worked. I was one of the lucky ones to get a reading by you. Thank you! I am Tanya’s sister so thank you for donating your time and talent to raise money for Crossroads in her memory. Please keep me posted on your party information – I’m really interested in hosting one 🙂

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