March 20, 2013: All That Change You Say You Want in Your Life, Well Here it Comes Sunshine!!

Stay Focused!

Congratulations, what a wonderful card to get! Eight of Fire is telling us life is going to take off. I find it pretty amazing that this card comes to us on the day of our Spring Equinox. A day where we are launched into the season of new beginnings and new life erupting at every turn.

The last time I pulled from the Angel Tarot deck by Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue, we saw the Seven of Fire and now here we are one step further down the path. You have armoured yourself with courage as you have gone to bat with friends and foe alike as you embrace a more authentic version of yourself. Here we are mid March and the momentum of all the little tweaks & changes now have a snowball effect. If you have been thinking that a little break in the rapid current of change was in order, I am sorry to disappoint you, the flames are rising and the heat is on!

If you are one of those people (and there are many of you I know!) who isn’t a big fan of change then this card may be overwhelming. But whether you embrace it or reject it, 2013 is a tremendous period of change here on planet earth.

For those of you who have been working diligently on new business plans, considering a significant life change or taking it slow with a new love interest, the time has come for a giant leap towards the next level. It is coming whether you like it or not so please wrap your head around the idea!

The imagery in the card shows what first appears to be random currents of energy from the swords as they swirl about in every direction, yet they are all part of a divinely guided master plan. There is a flow and connection to the dragon headed & jewel encrusted wands. This is a high energy and high functioning card. The largest wand & dragon in the front represents the need to focus on one thing at a time while the large red ruby is the intense passion you are cultivating at this time. Your passion is at an all time high and intimately intwined with your tools of manifestation.

You have been dissatisfied with something of great significance in your life lately.  Change is in the air and it CAN take you where you want to go. Don’t get distracted with all the different things going on. Continue to have quiet time where you can stay focused on the big picture and not let your ego run the show. Quiet time means many different things to many different people so meditate, go for a walk in nature, read a book or write in your journal – whatever fills up your soul and clears away all the chatter of life, smart phones and our minds.

This suit is one of passion, creativity and risk taking and the Eight of Fire is the height of all of that. It is telling you that all delays are over. It is time as they say to “have the baby”. It is coming one way or the other so let go of your fear and go after your dreams!!

Light & love, Lisa

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