March 14, 2013 – You Deserve Love

You Deserve LoveToday’s card is an uplifting one, You Deserve Love, from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards by who other than….Doreen Virtue.

This is such a soft and comforting card to see during a week where I am hearing from so many people that they are struggling, feeling blue or just plain exhausted.

Please know that, 100%, you are loved for being you, just as you are. Your nature is such that it can be no other way. It is the human ego that takes us off course and we get tangled up in fear, injury, regret, anger and sadness. No matter what has happened in your life, whether you feel responsible for those events, please know that YOU DO DESERVE  LOVE by others and yourself.

This card makes think of the wonderful Louise Hay and her mirror work. I, like many, thought it to be silly when I first heard of it and then quite uncomfortable when actually trying it. That said, it does work and has huge impacts on your self esteem and tenderness towards yourself. Every morning look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you” and proceed to tell yourself everything you might imagine a love interest would say to you: “You are so beautiful”, “I will be here for you every single day of your life, you can always count on me.” “You are a loving, talented and delightful person.” You get the idea – make it your own and get a huge love on yourself in just 30 days!

This card is dripping in  feminine energy. The creamy pink borders represent that feminine energy and the passiveness that you must take with yourself to release harsh judgements. And what could be more loving than cupid and her cherubs aiming their arrow straight at you? The flowing creek represents the rush of love that is always there while the civilization way off in the distance, represents the journey you take to connect with yourself. Here you are in a lush, rich environment. connecting with yourself, giving love a chance to finally hit you with a bulls-eye. This card tells you that quiet time, perhaps in nature, is essential to quiet your thoughts and hear the messages of love that do live inside you.

So go outside, turn off your phone, find a quiet place somewhere (inside or out) to sit and meditate on some positive and loving affirmations. Make a habit out of it. Based on the law of attraction, the more loving thoughts you generate attact more love your way!

Light and love to you all, Lisa

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