Stand Your Ground

Stay Connected To Your Purpose

Stay Connected To Your Purpose

Recently you have extended yourself in a new direction, in an area that is important to you and you have found success. Congratulations!! However, this card is telling us that these new changes in your life have not been entirely well received by someone who is close to you.

As you encounter this opposition, do it with grace & understanding.   If you want others to accept this new side of you, then continue to feel assured in your accomplishments and know that you are on the right path. They will come around if they truly care about you. If they don’t come around, then perhaps you have outgrown them and need to re-examine their role in your life. In life, in order to make room for new experiences and people to enter our lives, we have to release something first.

We see the rainbow colours here as we did in The Strength & The Magician cards last week, representing so much hope for our situation as well as the promise of a positive outcome.  I see this series of rainbow images as a wonderful sign of great things ahead for all of us, we simply need to keep the faith.

The female in this card is smiling knowingly directly at you, as she knows no matter what you will face, you will overcome it!

Light & love, Lisa

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