March 4: You Are Ready!

The_MagicianAs you enter into the early stages of spring, what a perfect card to guide us! Today’s card is The Magician, Archangel Raziel as featured in the amazing Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

This is a first for me I must admit. This card is one I admire and revere, yet I have never pulled it for a client. Ever.

However, after last weeks advanced symbology class I am taking for this very deck, it certainly feels divinely guided with all of it’s richness & diversity.

The Magician is at the beginning of the fool’s journey, or as we call him in Angel Tarot, The Dreamer. It is time to get going people! Whatever you have been working towards now is the time to draw on your inner strength (Just like our last card told us!!!!! How exciting!!!!) and get going. You are ready to move forward with this project and you have all the resources you need to make it happen.

AA Raziel is the Archangel that sits close to God and hears all about the secrets of the universe. He is a powerful wizard who can manipulate matter. As with you on this journey, you can make things happen. Reality is perception.

AA Raziel’s halo and robe are a rainbow, symbolizing a promise of hope as he stands in a field of lilies signifying his intention is pure. We are all trying our best in any given moment, and as he enters into this new project he is pure of heart. We can  clearly see through the arch and all of the lush blooming flowers above and below it. This tells us no knowledge is secret and there is nothing to be afraid of.

When a Major Arcana card shows up that is a sign of significant life change, but two in a row for the blogosphere is an exciting trend. I love that last time we were told to connect with our inner strength by AA Ariel in The Strength card and today The Magician calls us to draw on that inner strength and take action. So powerful!

Whatever new project you have been dreaming for yourself, wether it is gathering up the courage to talk to a love interest, to your boss about a new project or a raise, a home renovation or something else. Now is a good time to go for it!

Wishing you light and love!  Lisa

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