A Month Without Meat

As part of my New Years Resolution I decided to try a vegetarian month & I decided that February was the perfect month for it!. Last year, I was taking an online course taught by Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue when something they said had a profound impact on me, as I too had been hearing the very same whisper. They were  talking about our inner voice and how when you take the guidance it provides, exciting new doors open in your life. Radleigh mentioned how he was being urged to go vegetarian from within and he thought to himself, oh no! no more burgers?!? But he trusted the guidance and he went vegetarian and  his phone started ringing for lucrative spiritual gigs. Now I felt life was whispering to me too.

I saw the amazing Oprah Winfrey speak at a live event in January, and as I heard her speaking about the importance of listening to life’s whispers or they will turn into full blown tsunamis (Lance Armstrong anyone?) – I thought of Radleigh and myself and the whispers about giving up meat.

In an effort to make one single meal for my family of four, my original intention was to prepare only vegetarian healthful meals for the month of February that we could all enjoy. This all changed when I started arming my resolve with information. Reading articles online and watching several documentaries about the food industry.

Not only did I give up meat entirely for February, I ate real food and mostly plant foods, meaning vegetables and fruits. I didn’t go gluten free but if I ate bread I ate gluten-free bread and ate a few servings of brown rice or quinoa a week. I never went hungry and felt physically better as the month went on.

Sadly I didn’t weigh myself at the beginning of the month, but I did have three people this week ask me if I had lost weight so I am fairly certain that I lost some weight and that my usual bloating has receded. All good things!

I am not one to bite the hand that feeds me. My husband works for a large Canadian dairy supplier and I do contract work for a seafood company. As much as I applaud the vegan diet, I will continue to eat cheese and yogurt and sustainably caught seafood products.

In recent days I do feel that opportunities are opening up to me in new ways and I embracing my spiritual career path at a heightened level. This is a little scary as I take another step out of the New Age closet but much more exciting to see my baby steps are indeed blooming into a whole new future for me that I never imagined just a few short years ago.

What did I learn this month:

  • It isn’t just about not eating meat, it is vital that you skip the processed foods and eat plants (veggies & fruit)
  • Corn by products are in almost everything, and that is not a good thing
  • If I want to eat meat going forward it will be grass fed & free range
  • Protein is easy to get w/o eating meat
  • Kale actually makes a delicious salad, just cut it into VERY small pieces
  • Kale is also amazing in smoothies paired with pineapple & your other ingredients is delicious
  • A VitaMix is worth every penny
  • Eating a plant based diet feels good in the belly, mind and heart
  • Chia seeds are indeed detoxifying…..this one I felt in my head & my gut:(
  • When you pass on the processed foods & the meat you lose weight w/o trying
  • The better you eat, the better you feel, the easier it is to eat well

Here I am on March 1 with absolutely no plans of running out to eat a juicy steak.

Light & love to you all and I promise to get back to the cards next time.

2 thoughts on “A Month Without Meat

  1. I too felt the call to go vegetarian for the first two months of this year! I have since gone back to eating some meat but I love how I felt! Now I just need to strengthen my self resolve to get back to it. In the mean time I still have been eating lots of veggies and avoiding dairy/gluten. Feel amazing for it and definitely have lost weight. 🙂

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