February 27 – Strength! Bring Your Softer Side To Battle With You!

Strength_Angel_TarotToday’s card is from the Angel Tarot Deck by Radleigh Valentine & Doreen Virtue: STRENGTH featuring Archangel Ariel. It is the 11th card on the journey of The Dreamer in the Major Arcana, symbolizing a pivotal time of growth.

There have been a series of messages from our cards in recent weeks, telling us to trust our inner wisdom and today is no different. The STRENGTH card is not a card of brute strength and force but rather guides us to identify with the strength within. When you truly connect with your compassion, your faith (whatever that is), your kindness and your purpose you can let go of fear based feelings. This is your true strength, the ability to love and forgive.

The STRENGTH card is full of beautiful and subtle imagery. The doves flying low in the long grass and the single dove adorning the centre of her shield signify the importance of peace as one heads off to battle leaving all that feels familiar behind. Her shield and halo are a radiant purple, signifying compassion, sensitivity, understanding and power. The gigantic tiger she rides off to battle is a well recognized symbol of power and strength; the ultimate challenge is to recognize the importance of moderation. When our ego rises and we feel the need for intensity and charging forward, we must remember our true strength – compassion.

The rainbow represents a spiritual awakening as the light shines into the darkness. There is always hope no matter how dire a situation seems.

And the lovely AA Ariel is back again also, she is strongly connected to nature. She represents our need for inner healing and manifestation.

As we enter an unprecedented time of increased global volatility in so many areas – religion, economics, food production, environmental sensitivities and child poverty – it is vital to embrace our softer sides. Your true strength lies in your ability to love, not fight.

When we open our hearts to love, we take a step down the path to happiness.

Light and love, Lisa

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