February 12 – Today’s Card: Athena, Inner Wisdom

AthenaToday’s card comes from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, by the lovely and talented, you guessed it, Doreen Virtue!

You already know the answer to your question. Athena wants you to quiet your mind and listen to your inner wisdom. Don’t let others sway you away from your path.  If you have been considering something and the message has been coming to you repeatedly, stop procrastinating and go for it!! You can trust yourself and that quiet inner voice inside you, yes it is real (even Oprah thinks so!).

I suggest you start a new morning regimen (if you don’t already have one that is….)to take a few minutes first thing in the morning to do this before you hop in the shower. If you can set aside 5 minutes to say a few positive affirmations, do a stretch or two and quiet all the madness of “I gotta” “I have to” “I need to” do today – you will have a much smoother, positive, joyous and harmonious day. I promise!!

Athena is a powerful Grecian goddess and the daughter of Zeus. As a warrior goddess she uses her wit rather than weapons so call upon her when you need protection or find yourself in a disagreement.


Light & love! Lisa





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