Today’s Card – Awakening

Today’s card is pulled from The Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Traditionally this card is known as The Hanged Man. I love this deck for its ability to turn bad news into good news with a solution oriented approach!

Something is going on with you that will benefit from a new approach so care enough about yourself and take some time to review your plans. What has seemed like a standstill delaying your goals is actually an opportunity to tweak your perspective to bring about even BETTER results!! If you are feeling out of sorts, then trust that instinct and make some revisions. No matter how stuck you may feel even a few baby steps in a new direction will get you started on an amazing new path.

Archangel Gabriel is seen in this card. She is a messenger of inspiration who helps people to with connect with their own heart and messages of love. Let go of the intensity, take a deep breath and connect with your heart on this decision and see what pops into your head then act….decisions made from the heart always lead you down the path to your true self after all.

Light and love!

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