January 21, 2013 – Gentleness

ImageIt is thought provoking that on the day that the United States of America swears in President Obama for a second term. we receive a message of gentleness. Today’s card is from one of my first and favourite decks, the Archangel Deck.

AA Sandalphon is asking us to give a voice to our sensitivities and be very gentle at this time, with ourselves and with others.

Take a look at your immediate environment and make some shifts to reduce “noise” pollution from others in the form of gossip and negativity. You can listen to uplifting music, stop watching violent media, spend time in a quiet place that makes you feel centred, forgive someone for a wrong doing that you have been holding onto, or perhaps you need to forgive yourself.

AA Sandalphon’s aura is the shade of turquoise. You can meditate on his energy and this colour or even better hold onto a turquoise stone to bring about relaxation. Working with AA Sandalphon will intensify your gratitude and appreciation of the miracles in your life. Remember, what you think about you bring about!

Be kind to yourself and others on this day and every day.

Light & love!

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