January 18 – Go Outside

The card of the day is from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck. Today we have Cordelia – Go Outside.

Earlier this week our angels recommended that we spend time near the water and today ascended master Cordelia wants us to – GO OUTSIDE. For some of you, with all this cold winter weather you are bundled up indoors most of the day, or with the shortened day light hours of January you just aren’t making it a priority to get outside and breath in some fresh air and connect with nature. For some of you with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) you are suffering indoors and you need to get out! Being indoors is not our natural state so do yourself and your friends & family a favour and inhale some glorious fresh air! Either way you will benefit from a little time in nature. Go for a walk, plan a hike, enjoy some winter sports or just take a 5 minute break from work and pop outside for a little rejuvenation.

Try to make it a daily priority to get some fresh air and call on Cordelia to bring some new “blooms” into your life. Weather a new plant or a new relationship, romantic or otherwise – going out and connecting could make your indoor time a whole lot cozier!!

Light & love my friendsImage

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